Enjoy these episodes from our adventures around the world:


New York City was the last stop on our crazy adventure and we made the most of it.



Buenos Aires was the last international stop on our incredible round-the-world adventure.



During our short stay in Madrid, we enjoyed the culture, the arts and the lifestyle of Spain.



Springtime in Paris is pretty magical, if you manage to survive the train strikes and Parisians.



It almost felt like summer, as we rushed around Holland, taking in windmills, architecture and tulips.



We spent a few wonderful days in London before joining friends in the countryside in time for Spring.



During our stay in Belgium, we visited all three major regions: Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels.



Small in size, but mighty impressive, Luxembourg was well worth a visit.



We were pleasantly surprised by our time in Germany, particularly Berlin.



Seeing the Great Pyramids and wandering through the streets of Cairo was an unforgettable experience.



Once again, we were enchanted by our time in Italy, revisiting Rome and discovering Florence.



We finally made it to Greece and enjoyed a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation by the sea.


United Arab Emirates

This was our first time in the Middle East and we were both impressed with UAE.



Everything about India shakes you to your core, in a good way.


Hong Kong and Macao

During this leg of the trip, we thrived in Hong Kong and survived Macau.



During our two weeks in Hanoi and Saigon, we learned a lot about Vietnam and ourselves.



We almost didn't make it, but we were intrigued by what we found in China.


South Korea

The few days we spent exploring Seoul left us wanting more, as it's an incredibly vibrant city.



Traveling to Japan together for the first time in 15 years was like a homecoming for us.



The country formerly known as Burma is just opening up to the outside world, on fragile step at a time.



The days we spent exploring the temples of Angkor Wat were magical, mostly because of the people.



Over the course of a few weeks, we were in and out of Bangkok so much that it began to feel like home.



This incredible city state was not on our itinerary originally, but the more we heard about it, the more we wanted to visit.



We planned to spend a few weeks in Bali, but volcano warnings and excess tourism drove us to mainland Java, which we really enjoyed.



We managed to squeeze in a few days of fun in the sunshine in Sydney and New South Wales, before beginning our Asia adventure.

Jona on the ferry to Picton

New Zealand

Next, we explored the North and South Islands in a campervan for a few weeks, including some time in Auckland and Christchurch.

Moorea, French Polynesia


We started off in Tahiti, more specifically Moorea, a beautiful tropical island to the north of the mainland.