Jona and Marc Moorghen, Japan 2003

Welcome to MojoNomads! In case you were wondering, the name of the site is a combination of letters from our names: Jona and Marc Moorghen. We met and married in Japan in the early 2000’s (see the photo above), before settling in California. We spent fifteen years devoted to our careers (education and communications respectively) and building a life together. In 2017, we decided to take a break—a “mid-career retirement,” you might call it—and travel the world. Over the course of nine months, we visited 26 countries, learning about new customs and cultures. We had an incredible adventure, which we decided to share with you through these pages. This is the chronicle of our round-the-world journey from September 2017 to June 2018. Read some of the stories and check out our many photos throughout the site. You can reach us through our regular website at any time. Thanks for visiting.

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